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Use the Cloudtoken app on your PC with an Android emulator

First of all the emulator runs on Windows 10 with a PC Intel CPU i5 with 16 GB Dram and 250 GB SDD Hard disk and an NVidea graphics card as LCD screen I use a 27 inch AOC LCD screen.

Thanks to the possibility of using the mouse and the use of copy and paste, excellent applications are possible and not just use games with the emulator. All possible applications run stable and very fast here. When installing the Android MEMU software, please pay attention that the additional programs are not installed! It is 2 or 3 times trying to install third-party programs. please deselect these. Before the actual program of the emulator is installed.

The emulator can be found here: Website to the developers https://www.memuplay.com/de/
or take the Blue Stacks for the new Cloud Wallet App 1.9.5 
To find under https://www.bluestacks.com/de/index.html

Attention: I have tried different emulators. including Blue Stacks and Andy OS Andy Os secretly installs a Trojan software to mine cryptocurrencies. That's why this emulator was uninstalled and the calculator checked.

You need a Google Account

After installation you need a Google account to use all features. if you give an existing Google account you have to confirm a new phone. The emulator logs in as a mobile phone. 

Search Cloudtoken App on Google Play

Simply search for Cloudtoken App in the search field. You can immediately see the icon of cloud token.

Here is the cloud token app

Install and open the app here  

Here the Cloudtoken App on a PC

This is what the Cloudtoken App looks like when it starts on the PC,

All functions are running smoothly. The side of the control functions are housed.

It will display a complete Andriod surface and emulate a mobile phone.

Advantages: You can work very well with Copy & Paste. Creating an account is much easier since you get the important information save or take screenshots.

Installation / Bedienung der Cloud App

In this video you will learn how to install the app, how to deposit cryptos and activate JARVIS AI.

To register you need a Ref code. This is here as follows: 1344528807. After registering please log in to receive your bonus.

Click here to send an email. Only then will you get the bonus

Securing the basic data

After or during the installation of the app, it is essential to save the following data:
1. 16-digit login ID - write down With this number you sign up
2. The personal password To log into the dashboard, points 1 and 2 are required
3. Personal Refcode: My looks like this: 1344528807 To pass on if someone finds the man among themselves wants to place
4. Set your personal PIN - 6 digits - Used for transactions.
5. Save the mnemonic phrase - write down and save! There are 12 words that you can use to restore the account needed
6. Enable Google 2-Factor-Authentication and the binding code write down and keep safe.
7. I additionally secure the wallet deposit addys This can also transactions / deposits start without app

Tip for backup: You can take screenshots after every step and delete them after backing up the data.

Or save in emulator with copy & paste in a text file / word document.

If you have backed up the data you can always access the account. Should not work something. Is the reconstruction very fast. So you are always on the safe side.

Important also note our disclaimer. Only invest this Money which you can really do without.
As always, there is a risk of total loss!

Attention the disclaimer page opens a new window in the browser
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