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EXW- Wallet
EXXA Token Wallet

The EXW Wallet pays up to 0.32% reward daily

With the new EXW Wallet, it is now possible for private individuals and companies to make SEPA deposits for the first time, simply, quickly and fully automatically, to become a part of exchange trades and other interesting areas and receive up to 0.32% daily reward for doing so.

After having developed great enthusiasm for the Cloud Token Wallet over the last 3 months and still having my focus on it, I would like to thank you for
your support. I had to find out one thing over and over again. There are many people who would like to take the first step into the crypto market, but still
for many of them the inhibition threshold to start very big, because they first have to go the step to open a first Bitcoin Wallet to be able to start.

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What's different about the EXW Wallet now?

There are now many ways to get daily or monthly returns in the Kypton area. But nowhere is it possible to invest immediately with bank transfer. Because EXW has an Exchanger license, it is different here...

With the EXW Exchange Wallet it is possible for everyone not only with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also with Sepa transfers. a daily reward of 0.1% of the successes of the EXW Wallet up to 0.32% in EXW tokens. The EXW tokens can then be exchanged back into Bitcoin or Ethereum on a daily basis and then even paid out again by bank transfer.

Currently an EXW token has a value of 0,50 €.

EXW Coin

The EXW Coin is the revolution for personal finance.

For the first time it is possible for private individuals as well as companies to become simple, fast and fully automatic, part of
Exchange businesses and other interesting areas and get up
to 0.32% daily for it.

Part of Exchange trades and other interesting areas and get up to 0.32% a day for it.

The best of both Worlds
Through the unique combination of exchange and trading transactions, it is possible for us as a company to generate capital for clients and companies from two subdivisions.

EXW Exchange
With EXW Exchange, you can immediately exchange crypto currencies for euros or vice versa - faster and simpler than on any other platform. Use tomorrow's technology today, EXW Instant Change makes it possible. But not only that, with EXW Exchange you can now exchange digital currency pairs with each other.

EXW Trading
Revolutionary in every respect, supported by a trading company with years of experience and proven top performance, it is possible for us to achieve stable and lucrative profits on the digital currency market.

Please take my Reflink. I have here in this page a lot of and I'd be very
grateful to you. If you are interested in this project and you register under
my Reflink please send me an email. I like to stay in touch with my downline.

Do you have any questions?

EXW Auto Programm

With the EXW to the dream car.

Thanks to a cooperation in the field of motor vehicles, it is possible for us to to make the platform cars available for long-term rental.

Various brands, such as Mercedes, BMW or In this way, Audi are made available to the entire community at very good prices and can be paid monthly directly via your EXW Wallet.

And that with the all-inclusive package :

PoS system with Usability
Payment with crypto currencies is easily possible with EXW

With the PoS System from EXW, you can pay easily and conveniently in everyday life. The payment system at the Point of Sale (PoS) solves the problems that exist so far, such as long transaction paths, cumbersome exchanges, low limits. In order to integrate crypto currencies into people's everyday lives, the system uses an easy-to-use interface. Point of Sale is the point at which the sale takes place, which is practically every shop in retail, whether baker, clothing chain or gas station. To secure and enable the service, the company is aiming for an FCA regulated E-Money Transmitter license by the middle of next year before the start of the payment system.


What is EXW-Card?

The EXW-Card is a debit credit card that functions with crypto currencies. We offer our customers unlimited access to their finances. 

The EXW-Card helps not only in everyday life, but also on trips for bookings online, or payments around the globe offline. In order to receive an EXW-Card,
no credit check is required!

So even customers with a low credit rating, such as young entrepreneurs, can use this credit card for themselves! The possibility to exchange cryptographic currencies for other currencies in real time makes the EXW card possible.

The EXW-Card delivery is planned for June/July 2020.

Now we have convinced you ? Click here to register

Real Estate Cloud Programm

Accessibility of real estate Since
real estate is almost always accepted as one of the most stable sectors, but also one that is difficult to access, EXW now also offers you the possibility to participate in the real estate sector with your tokens, by introducing the revolutionary sector Real Estate Clouds program.

Real Estate Cloud :
Start with EXW tokens worth at least € 1000. Online cloud environment for access to real estate projects all over the world.

Additional token bonus of 7.2 to 48.1 percent, depending on cloud and trust period. Digital contracts that are automatically signed on a regular basis to simplify use.

In addition to the long-term REC participation bonus *, you can withdraw the daily bonus (0-0.32%) after at least 30 days via your EXW Wallet.

= Real estate

Real estate The values increase over time. Lower volatility than in other markets. High real value. Diversify your portfolio.

With the REC programme, EXW is trying to revive the traditional economic system in the real estate sector into an accessible and regional Cloud Economy system. With the help of our committed partners at the all over the world, we are proud to offer this perfect solution for EXW owners. as part of our ecosystem.

Participation in the REC program not only helps you achieve long-term personal benefits, it also gives you the opportunity to the cloud of your choice to access various real estate projects worldwide.

In addition to the first lucrative daily EXW Bonus Program, you can now secure long-term benefits by participating in the REC Program. This long term approach is the perfect solution for someone who simply wants to enter the real estate industry and take advantage of the EXW ecosystem. With the REC program, EXW offers dedicated community members the opportunity to combine short- and long-term profits to expand their portfolio!

Now however, here directly to the registration

The pillars of EXW:

1. Viva Payment Solution GmbH from Klagenfurt 28.05.2018 founded,
     own Exchange to exchange Fiat for Krypto The Exchange is now
     used by 20 other companies as white label profits of the Exchange
     have a positive effect on the development of the EXW Coin from
     Daily Bonus for the EXW deposited in the EXW Bonus Wallet from
     0 to 0.32 %


2. Cryptotrustconsulting LTD founded in London 27.06.2018, the company 
    that trades for EXW since 16.09.2019 is in this company 15 million euros
    in shares deposited


3. long-term car rental (without Schufa query) starts 28.10.2019 from
    1400 Euro monthly income EXW provides the partner with the  
    creditworthiness to obtain a car in the long-term lease from the  
    participating partners (including Mercedes)

4. Real Estate Clouds several clouds worldwide (see Backoffice) up to
    20.10.19  Participation with 500 Euro possible | from 20.10.19 
    Participation from 1000 Euro possible Coins are blocked for the period
    of the selected term until 15.10.19 23:59 hrs 10% special bonus until 
    20.10. 23:59 hrs 5% special bonus In addition to the annual bonus from
    the Real Estate Cloud, all deposited EXWs also receive a daily bonus of
    up to 0.32% from trading (this also applies to the EXWs that you receive
    as a special bonus). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


5. Flight Program Flights can be booked with EXWs. More detailed  
    information will be announced later

6. EXW Cloud Pay Partners receive a KREDIT card. More detailed  
    information has not yet been announced here. (it is a credit card
    and  not a debit card)

7. Marketing plan Aktuell (until 31.10.2019) ten levels deep.
    (1. 50%, 2. 20%, 3. 20%)

    On 01.11.19 there will be a new plan which is 30 levels deep.
    (All inactive will be disregarded) Firstline will then be distributed
    100 to 120%. In addition, there will be a team bonus of up to 40%.
    In addition, there will also be an Infinity Bonus and a Pool Bonus. 
  The company 
    - CNO (Chief Network Officer)       
    - CSO World                            
    - CSO Continents
    - CSO Countries (190 countries)
    - Network (Network)

    There are thus people between the network and the company who
    act as a link.
    Germany            Mike Poppel
    Austria                Benni Heimberger
    Switzerland         Ralf Paulick

For more Info open the orginal Homepage

How does the EXW Wallet work to enjoy daily EXW tokens?
Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to register for the EXW Wallet and how to proceed afterwards.

Step 1.

For the registration you must enter
your data like a desired user name, email address, password. Your gender: Male for Male or Female for Female as well as first and last name and your address. ZIP stands for postcode.

After that you confirm that you have read the terms of use and click on Submit.

Step 2

Deposit from Bitcoin, Ethereum or bank transfer. First click on the Wallet icon, then select what you wish to deposit and click on the symbol for deposits. In the case of a bank (SEPA) deposit, it then looks like on the following picture

When depositing via Bitcoin or Ethereum it is self-explanatory for all those who already own a Crypto Wallet.


With the intended use you must URGENTALLY enter the reference number!

Step 3

If you see the balance you have deposited in your account, you will have to buy EXW tokens from it.

Click on your wallet again and then on the circle symbol with the 2 arrows in it.

Enter the amount you want to change into EXW Token. On the picture here in the example only a small remaining amount is to be seen which I still had on the account.


Schritt 4.

Create the EXW tokens in the Profit Wallet so that you get new EXW tokens every day as a reward.

and then on the EXW Profit Wallet and then,
as you can see on the picture above, on the
EXW symbol send it to the Profit Wallet.

Schritt 5.

Now all you have to do is specify how many EXW tokens you want to put into your Profit Wallet.
You will then receive 0.1% to 0.32% EXT tokens per day as a reward.

Please note:
The EXW tokens sent to the Profit Wallet
are set for 30 days.

Please note:

Those who want their EXW tokens out of the Profit Wallet before the first 30 days will be charged a fee of 10%.

Congratulations, your EXW Wallet will receive every day from today on reward in the form of EXW Token.

Who wants to inform himself more exactly can here the link to the homepage. This link will open in a new browser window

To the homepage of EXW Token


Who directly on the site of the EXW Wallet click on register must be in the field Sponsor Name: powernumber enter

By the way, it's also lucrative to use the EXW

To begin with, this one is really very simple but nevertheless lucrative. After the successful launch of the EXW Exchange platform about a year ago, a new revolution at EXW is now following.

The EXW Wallet with attached marketing plan.
With the EXW Wallet marketing plan there is only one single bonus, which is often called the matching bonus with other recommendation programs.

Prerequisite to earn the bonus on partners is:

1. you must have invested at least 300€ in EXW Token yourself.
2. to earn on partners in up to 10 levels you see next door among the ranks. 3. in order to earn on your recommendations in the first level you need to
    You have at least one partner or customer who has also invested at least   
    300€ in EXW Token. On the second level you will earn money if you have    
    won a second partner or customer who has also invested 300€, etc. 
    to  earn up to the 10 deep level, you need a total of 20 active partners.

Wallet to recommend to others.

It can take up to 3 days for your first bonus and for new partners to be credited with your first Bonus.

Nächster Step:

Starting from 28.10.2019 (according to the roadmap) a car program will
be added at the partner by own qualification through long-term rental.
also without Schufa information a beautiful car like e.g. BMW, Audi or Mercedes.


Please also note our disclaimer. Invest only in the money you can really spare. As always, there is the danger of total loss!

Achtung, die Disclaimer-Seite öffnet ein neues Fenster im Browser am
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