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            What does EXXA do ? What are the advantages of the app ?
EXXA was founded with the aim of helping people achieve financial freedom and independence by the changing potential of crypto currencies. With our mobile app we maintain a network of like-minded crypto currency users, who want to build their digital wealth and cultivate a digital lifestyle. Our product is free to use, and we hope to make the world of to make cryptography accessible to all. In an online world full of faceless crypto currencies, we place value on a credible presence in the practice with customer support, because we understand that it calms the people

Important note: Please make sure to use a Googlemail address when registering.
Unfortunately, many apps do not support this. The automatically sent emails do not arrive. And for this reason no account can be confirmed and also no withdrawal of the coins is possible. With the Gooolemail account everything works 100% smoothly. Hints :

1. email providers that are often not available : various russian providers + GMX.de + Web.de So now inform yourself and register diligently. Please remember to take my Reflink . I thank you for your registration.

For the registration -ANDROID Handy- please use my Reflink No. 71007349
for the registration from -APPLE IPHONE- Handy.

You will find an installation guide below ( Scroll down )

DEVO+ is our AI trading bot trading crypto currencies on your behalf, independent of distortions and emotions. With the help of market indicators and complex trading algorithms, DEVO+ is programmed for conservative trading and offers an easy way to receive daily EXXA rewards.

Your springboard to immerse yourself in everything crypto. Whether you're an individual, trader or investor, the EXXA Digital Academy helps you learn, grow and gain advantage in our increasingly digital world. Get to know blockchain and crypto currencies and put this knowledge into practice immediately.

Travel with Crypto around the world with EXXA Travel. Our In-App Travel and Lifestyle module offers competitive savings on a wide range of of goals and experiences. Enjoy exclusive Tariffs at lower prices than online travel agencies thanks to our direct connections to suppliers. Use the EXXA tokens you deserve for a wine adventure in Burgundy, a safari tour in Botswana or even a cruise in the Bahamas.

User benefits :
- Daily Rewards
- No hidden Fees
- Flexible Plans
- Engage Ai Bot Anytime
- Supportteam


Coin accepted

Only four coins are accepted as of now. BTC, ETH, USDT, and LTC.

The Managment Team

Roy Omg, Compliance &Regulatory Advisor

Ray was counsel director and co-founder of Arrow Gates LLC with Ms. Yeoung WH. He also serves as an attorney for a leading Indonesian law firm in Jarkata. Ray has a dual degree in law and finance, most graduating from the University of Sydney with an award in financial discipline. He is a licensed attorney in Singapore, England&Wales and Malaysia and holds a law degree from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He is also a lifelong member of the renowned bussiness&finance Association in the USA ( Beta Sigma&Gamma) and a member of the Who´s Who Network, which operates in the USA.

Wanhasi Yeong Compliance & Regulatory Advisor

Wanhsi Yeong is managing director and co-founder of ArrowGates LCC. She is also an Of-counsol for an Indonesian IP law firm in Jarkata. Her corresponding practice includes multinational financial regulators, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity investments, regulatory aspects, financial markets, corporate restructuring and general corresponding work. She has always strived to be at the forefront of developing markets and has continually expanded her skills to serve the Fintech market. She represents a wide range of clinics, including small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organisations and multinationals.

Francis Aw,Co-Founder

Francis AW is an experienced technology entrepreneur with extensive experience. He began his career at IBM Singapore learning IT solutions and moved to Motorola Singapore designing semiconductor solutions for the telecommunications, industrial and consumer markets. Francies then refined his skills in complete design and test solutions at Flextronics before venturing into the creation of three high-tech companies offering solutions for electrical design, semiconductors, biotech and herbs. With maturity in technology understanding and intercultural leadership, francis sq2 began fintech, which focused on providing blockchain solutions to regional partners. In the EXXA Network, we believe in supporting members with our proven technology solution and creating value

Danny Pang, Co-Founder

Danny K. Pang is known for his proven sales-oriented leadership and team building skills. His lifelong passion is to build entrepreneurial businesses from the ground up with the right products and companies.

Lynn Cheah EVP System Support

Lynn spends a total of thirty years in auditing accounting and software-related management consulting firms that cooperate with companies such as KMPG, Resort World, Ytl& Berjava Group, Microsoft&SAP. In 2013 she ventured into the Marketing Industry network and worked with Mr. Danny King Pang. Management of the entire backend operation & systems

Gregory Ang, Co-Founder

As the founder of GangTV, Greg was instrumental in planning business activities, delivering marketing invivos and distributing channels across the region. He was instrumental in bringing Discovery Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, The Food Network HD, Sundance Channel, WeTv, KMTV, AMC Network International, Fashion One TV, Fashion 4k and Video Fashion News 4K to millions of homes in the Asia Pacific region.

Shareholder is :

1. Mitbegründerin Frances Aw
   - 20%.
2. SQ Fintech Pte Ltd
    $340k - 25% der Kosten   
3. Gründer Danny Pang
    $272k - 20%.     
    https://www.axaglobal.com/about-us 4. Mitbegründer Gregory Ang
    $95k -7%.
5. Michael Chia
    380.000 Dollar - 28%.

Totaö Capital= $1.36M

an investment in the Exxa Wallet is worth it

The marketing plan for the Exxa Wallet is almost the same as for the Cloudtoken Wallet. That doesn't matter because the plan works.

Who would like to recommend the Exxa Wallet to others in sales participates in his team if he himself is involved in a project with 300$.

The C1 -C5 have been renamed to X1 -X5

How the recommendation works

As with other tokens, everyone gets a referral code to recommend. On top of that every user has to enter a username, which I personally like better when building a team. Here not everyone is a number but can also assign names. Plus point with Exxa is on top of that, that you also get a QR Qode for your referral number.
My QR code is :



The abbreviation EXXA stands for Engage- Xchange- Xpend- Archiev

How the profits are generated
Just as with cloud tokens, a trading bot that trades on binance and other stock exchanges works in the background. The bot bears the name DEVo+.

Further business segments
are so far a Travel Portal

and a Digital Acamendy

Installation / Setup

First of all if you have an Android mobile phone ... Go to the Playstore and search there for the following sentence "Exxa network" Or use the following link :
Android: https://tinyurl.com/y2bxzyt8

From there you install the app

Hier finden Sie die Android App


It's almost the same with Apple. Apple AppStore download

Apple Store for Iphone

Please use my referral code 71007349.

First Start
1. Make create Account

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Scam or not a Scam

So what is EXXA wallet? EXXA wallet is another self-proclaimed super crypto wallet that earns you reward daily in the form of EXXA token. They are also planning to offer discounted travel deals and digital academy but these functions are not available through the app at this stage. The wallet was made available from both Apple App Store and Google Play The company is registered in Singapore and has provided the names and background details of the founders.

We found the Fima / Street and a Photo from the Building

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More info...

Please also note our disclaimer. Invest only in the Money you can really spare.
There is as always the danger of total loss !

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