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Basic video ->
What does the cloud token do
 Here you can find all the basic information about the Cloud Token Required invitation code 1344528807

Click here to go to the video

Installation / Operation of the Cloud App as Video (Iphone)

In this video you will learn how to install the app, how to deposit cryptos and activate JARVIS AI.

To register you need a Ref code. This is as follows: 1344528807. After registering + starting Jarvis (deposit more than $ 200) please sign up by mail to receive your surprise bonus. I am happy to assist you as an upline for questions.

Click here to send an email. Only then will you get the bonus

 for Video ( Iphone ):

Click here to download the PDF

Installing the cloud token APP
This is how it's done:

1. You download the app from
    iPhone users must visit the app General  
    Settings -> Release device management.

2. You are asked, one   
    invitation code 1344528807

3. In the next step you will asked for a
    six-digit PIN forgive,this pin will be 
    later Urgently needed.
4a.It will give you a 16-digit login ID and
your 6-digit PIN is displayed. We encourage
you to take a screenshot of it and on to save
a safe place. 
These numbers will be your credentials in the future.

go on

5. Now you will be to the start screen of Headed CloudToken.

6. Tap the cryptocurrency, in which you want
to invest for

7. Click "Deposit" to view the To make payment. Scan the QR code or copy the Address in your wallet.

8. Switch to the "Projects" area, to start the AI-Bot (JARVIS AI).

9. Now click on "JARVIS AI".


10. Select the cryptocurrency, in which
you made the deposit. (Point 6 and 7)

Here is an example with ETH

11. Add the amount you would like to trade with the JARVIS AI software. If you click Max, the maximum will be available amount after deduction the fees calculated and added.

Now it should look like this

And that's all set up. Happy Earning

Finish Jarvis and pay off the deposited balance.

First, one should think well and the Jarvis should run at least 30 days to not run into the cost trap. You should further always have CTO Coins lying. Because the fee is converted to cloud token. Due to the new directive you should not completely vacate the Jarvis. Since it may be that you can start this otherwise never again. A remainder of about $ 10 does not hurt.

Im Jarvis auf die Waehrung klicken und Seitwaerts schieben. dann taucht der Remove Button auf

Remove Button

In Jarvis click on the currency and slide sideways. Then the Remove button appears

Hier die Felder ausfüllen und Proceed drücken

Withdraw the cryptocurrency

In the Jarvis click on the currency and push sideways. then the remove button appears.

Damit ist alles erledigt. Der im Jarvis gelockte Betrag wird auf der interen Wallet gutgeschrieben

Process complete

Everything is done with that. The curled in Jarvis amount is credited to the internal wallet

Important also note our disclaimer. Only invest this Money which you can really do without.
As always, there is a risk of total loss!

Attention the disclaimer page opens a new window in the browser
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